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Supercritical gas measurement and control


Fluids like carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethylene (C2H4) are difficult to measure when they move towards the inter-phase stage between being a liquid and a gas. For example, for CO2 this occurs at temperatures >31.1°C and pressures higher than approx. 72.9 bara. Under these conditions, physical properties like density (ρ) and heat capacity (Cp) change very rapidly as a result of pressure or temperature variations. This makes an accurate mass flow measurement, based on the thermal principle, very difficult.

mini CORI-FLOW offers a solution here because of the true mass flow measurement, independent of physical properties.

The true mass flow of the molecules is measured, regardless of whether the fluid is in gas phase, in liquid phase or indeed somewhere in between. Experiences in the field have proven that this principle of measuring is very accurate and reliable. For control applications Bronkhorst can offer a flow meter in combination with a metal sealed, pressure actuated control valve. Please contact factory for a customised advice.


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