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Bronkhorst Helps Candy Company Build their Competitive Edge

Challenged by their outdated recipe mixing systems, budgetary constraints and a turbulent economy, a leading European candy manufacturer, who depends on accuracy and repeatability to maintain the quality of product, sought out Bronkhorst to help streamline and improve their processes and cut costs. Bronkhorst engineers identified current system weak points and recommended a CORI-FILL solution.

By choosing to move forward with the Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow controllers, the candy company immediately began to benefit from their ability to automate a wide variety of recipes and depend on advanced diagnostics that radically expanded their monitoring capabilities.

Unprecedented Dosing Control

The flow controller’s primary function is the dosing of three critical ingredients of the chewy treats; the aroma (fragrance), the flavor, and the color. By communicating directly with a supervisory automation and control system, the CORI-FLOW instruments are provided the precise dosing requirements for a particular recipe. The compact design of the Bronkhorst instruments, where the Coriolis meter and controlling shut-off valve are mounted in one compact unit, was a key factor in selecting the Bronkhorst solution as separation of the meter and the control valve creates dead volume which can lead to inaccuracy, erratic results, and inconsistent quality.

Automation Cuts Costs

The need for staff oversight was significantly decreased through a wide variety of new system features, production time was reduced as each ingredient is simultaneously added to the mix, and the precise dosing of ingredients reduced wastage. Additionally the digital communication with the supervisory system provides for automatic monitoring and recording for quality and regulatory purposes.

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