IN-FLOW 'High-Flow' - Industrial style
(IP65) Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for gases


IN-FLOW Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for high flow rates of clean gases are equipped with a 'industrial style' pc-board housing. Ranges:

Mass Flow Meters: from 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h up to 220 ... 11000 m3n/h
Mass Flow Controllers: from 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h up to 10 ... 500 m3n/h

The control valves are normally closed and available up to Kv-values of 6.0.

"Multibus" Digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers

Bronkhorst developed their digital instruments according to the flexible "multibus" concept, due to which the instruments can be equipped with on-board interface board with DeviceNetTM, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus or FLOW-BUS protocol. More information about digital "multibus" communication.

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  • High accuracy (standard 1% of FS) 
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing (IP65, dust and waterproof)
  • ATEX approval for Zone 2 / FM approval for Class I Div. 2 (options)
  • No moving parts
  • Analog or digital communication (RS232 or fieldbus interface)


  • Process gas measurement in food industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, in fermentation installations and in biotechnology
  • Gas consumption measurement for internal accounting
  • Hydrogen techniques

Flow capacities (based on air)

Mass Flow Meter (MFM)


Type of process connections

Series F-116AI/BI min. 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h
max. 10 ... 375 m3n/h
Compression type couplings
Series F-106AI/.../GI min. 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h
max. 220 ... 11000 m3n/h
"wafer type" for mounting
between flanges
Series F-107AI/.../DI min. 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h
max. 36 ... 1800 m3n/h
flanged connection

Mass Flow Controller (MFC)


Type of process connections
Series F-206AI/BI min. 0,4 ... 20 m3n/h
max. 10 ... 375 m3n/h
Compression type couplings


For more info see brochure "IN-FLOW mass flow meters/controllers for gases"

F-106CI wafer type Mass Flow Meter F-107BI flanged type Mass Flow Meter F-206BI high-flow Mass Flow Controller
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